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The Brain vs. Contemporary Living


The brain is an organ, just like our intestines, our liver, our pancreas, or our heart. We often attempt to detox or cleanse different organs within the body, and tend to forget that the brain

The Brain vs. Contemporary Living2016-03-05T19:33:57-05:00

Did You Remember to Bring Your Ego?


Do you ever walk into a yoga class, you've got your new Lulus on, you show up wearing some fresh Nikes and let's be honest you think you look pretty damn good. We've all been

Did You Remember to Bring Your Ego?2016-02-27T19:56:02-05:00

Sunday Wisdom From B.K.S. Inyengar


As a painter and visual artist, I find myself constantly developing ideas to strengthen that creative muscle. It’s about knowing where I’m currently at creatively in my abilities, and constantly finding new ways to evolve-

Sunday Wisdom From B.K.S. Inyengar2016-02-21T17:28:58-05:00

Shedding Life’s Stresses Through the Art of Yoga


Anxiety affects nearly 12% of our Canadian population- and that's only those that have been medically diagnosed- beyond this statistic, we are all on some level confronting our own anxieties and stressors on a daily

Shedding Life’s Stresses Through the Art of Yoga2016-02-20T17:31:04-05:00

What does distinguish the Iyengar Hatha and Vinyasa flow?


Simone helped me to understand the difference using below image. Basically what distinguishes these two types of yoga is the Suryanamaskar A and B. Both Iyengar and Vinyasa follow the 8 limbs of the ashtanga

What does distinguish the Iyengar Hatha and Vinyasa flow?2015-11-28T19:18:24-05:00

Featuring teacher: Florence with love beyond yoga


Born and raised in France from the Polish origins, Florence started her athletic life style with gymnastic from early childhood. She started practicing yoga over 10 years ago when she first moved to Toronto. To

Featuring teacher: Florence with love beyond yoga2015-11-21T18:30:44-05:00

Flu Buster Ginger Tea


With the cold weather comes flu symptoms that can wreak havoc on our daily lives. This simple tea is filled with flu-fighting superfoods to help you get back on your feet in no time. Ginger

Flu Buster Ginger Tea2015-11-19T23:57:44-05:00
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