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I was recently humbled by the experience of frozen shoulder. Many of us will suffer a shoulder issue or other significant setback at some point in life. We spend the majority of our day hunched forward and this forward fold motion perpetuates the shoulder girdle moving independent of the scapula..they must live and move together ! The word FROZEN describes being encased in your own torso like cement..and I am a yoga teacher… so this voyage began where one tries to uncover the mystery of “WHY” through this journey of awareness.

One must understand all parts of the body and how they work together as one..this in lies the secret to recovery..YOGA..the union of all things coming together ..the unity we describe as the “yoga experience”..a slow transformation where without our “doing” we find ourselves in a new place..there is no “doership”..it is a happening! A real “LIKE WOW” moment as one realizes without our active participation and knowledge.. we have undergone a shift. !

I encourage you to observe the body as one complete unit, a whole dependent of its parts in your yoga practice. Work toward uniting those areas of concern to bring about healing through the SLOW DRIP OF TRANSFORMATION…and unite!


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