Yoga and You! How to choose a yoga class

There are many types of yoga classes available today and picking the best class based on your needs can be a challenge! Simple questions to ask when choosing a class are:

  • What do I want to get out of my yoga?
  • How active am I currently?
  • What time of day is best for me to develop a regular practice?

These are all considerations and the closer you are to picking a class based on where you are today the more likely you will enjoy the journey of your yoga class. When your mind tells you to focus on the end result or the future take a step back and go inward to discover what it is you think you might enjoy most today and go from there!

Part of our yoga practice is to learn the art of enjoying the action and not allowing the end result to compromise the experience. Studies demonstrate that when we are happy and enjoying the moment the breath is full bodied and when we are stressed the breath becomes short and shallow. Think about your breath when you laugh! The breath is the natural negotiator of tension and is the most important element in our yoga practice. Stress releases toxins that tear down the body so the focus should be to find that class that inspires, brings joy and moves us within today!

Yoga Class Options

Now that you have asked yourself some basic questions here is a guide for your best yoga classes!

Vinyasa, Yogalates, Vinyasa with Core: are classes that will make you sweat with sun salutations that require lots of movement and flow from one pose to the next. These classes are paced to challenge the individual and help improve cardio and muscle tone as well as flexibility! Always moving at your own pace and respecting your limits should be an ongoing consideration while in class!

Alignment Hatha, Hatha, Easy Hatha, Beginner Yoga, Stretch, Back care Basics, Hips and Hamstrings: are classes that move more slowly and cultivate awareness. The poses are typically held for longer and this moving from the bone in a space of stillness is what creates the challenge and effort for both the body and mind. Slow alignment based movements are more therapeutic with less risk to the body and are best suited to those looking to slow the world down to a pace where we are working from inside the body (adhering the muscle close to the bone reduces wear and tear on the ligaments and joints and this means preserving the body in a place of youth and vigor.) This type of yoga practice can be equally challenging and should be practiced with awareness and consideration of where we are today and our current physical condition.

Melt the stress away in our Restorative classes. These focus on alignment, awareness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. You will be supported with our props into postures aimed to deeply restore the body, calm the central nervous system, and encourage mind-body balance. Enjoy the benefits of quieting the mind, healing, and increasing flexibility.
Melt into the Sunday afternoon Ananda Restorative Series: offered once a quarter, our new Restorative Series will take place in 6 week blocks- come to one or to all of them! No need to preregister or commit to all six classes in the series. This series will ease tired and aching bodies into best alignment and calm anxious, busy minds. You will be supported and nurtured in postures aimed to bring full relaxation, while lengthening the body and balancing energy. Our studio hums with beautiful candlelight- this is complete bliss! Sundays are for winding down and turning inward; this series will ensure you are at your peak for the week as we end with a simple guided meditation to create space for peace. Don’t miss the series. No props or mats required- our variety of props ensures a personalized class. Open to ALL.

Slow Flow
(All levels)
This class moves through vinyasa-style sequences at a slower pace, inviting longer holds to strengthen and stretch tight muscles while cultivating mindfulness and awareness of the breath.

Vinyasa Flow
(Level 1)
This fluid class sequences breath, movement and music. Explore an energizing vinyasa flow with creative and challenging poses, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow
Explore a light version of half the Ashtanga primary series with a set sequence of asanas including sun salutations, standing and seated postures with a modified finishing sequence. Get a workout and an understanding of Ashtanga while building strength, concentration and breath awareness. Ideal for vinyasa lovers and those looking to learn about Ashtanga.

Closing Guided Meditation
Compliment your Vinyasa Flow practise with a 15 minute closing guided meditation. Allowing your body to fully integrate all the hard work you have accomplished by completely slowing down your breath and mind.

If you would like to speak with someone personally for a class recommendation please email the studio and we’ll walk you through to your best yoga class ever!

Arrive early so you are not rushed and can enjoy!