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Strength, Resilience and Pain


Every year, instead of making New Years resolutions, I identify new activities to try that will help me improve and maintain my health, meet new people, and take me out of my routine. This is

Strength, Resilience and Pain2017-01-24T11:10:01-05:00

Love is Unlimited in Experience


The Vedas- (Vedic Sanskrit scriptures originating from ancient India) tell us that there are three kinds of love in this world. Where you take and do not give back in return. This type of 'love'

Love is Unlimited in Experience2016-04-03T19:46:55-04:00

Revel in What the Universe Has to Offer You


Everyone is responsible for the thoughts that they think, for the space that they choose to mentally inhabit. We all have to own where it is that we are. And what we choose to hold

Revel in What the Universe Has to Offer You2016-04-02T18:46:35-04:00

Flux & Flow


Yoga is to still the fluctuations of the mind. But what is it that makes the mind fluctuate exactly? I don't have all the answers but I can tell you, I for one spend a

Flux & Flow2016-03-28T23:59:00-04:00

‘The Secret of Change’


Does meditation actually work? I've asked myself this question multiple times before actually taking an interest in it, myself. It's a practice that sparks a lot of intrigue, but the purpose of it can be

‘The Secret of Change’2016-03-19T20:08:44-04:00

A Little Yoga 101


History Yoga began as a physical practice that involved stretching and strengthening each and every muscle in the body, so that one would be able to sustain a seated position of meditation for as long

A Little Yoga 1012016-03-13T19:06:54-04:00

Sundays Over @ The Yoga Lounge


10am: Alignment-Based Yoga with Susan Tomorrow Susan will be leading this class and employing the use of chairs. Some people view props as almost a way of cheating, but it really is just a way

Sundays Over @ The Yoga Lounge2016-03-12T21:22:40-05:00

5 Yamas That the World Needs


The guidebook of classical, raja (royal) yoga, otherwise known as the Yoga Sutra, outlines the eight limbs of yoga. These so-called "limbs" are guidelines for leading a life of meaning and purpose. Pantanjali was the

5 Yamas That the World Needs2016-03-12T17:58:45-05:00
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