Today is the winter solstice; the longest night and the shortest day. We honour it at the studio, as the solstice welcomes in Yule celebrations and a gradual return to more sunshine and longer days.

Our Sunday Ananda Restorative class at 430pm will delve into this darkness and tuck into the peace and solitude winter promises. We will create space for peace in our mind and spirit, while easing aching muscles, fatigue, and anxiety in a busy mind.

This winter solstice is especially meaningful, as the full moon also peaks at this time. The moon is associated with a feminine energy, and her pull on the ocean and the tides can be felt, in turn, by many women. Being about 60% water, the moons pull has been known to affect menstrual cycles, births, and mood.

We must also give ourselves the opportunity to explore the heavier emotions within ourselves, purge all the no longer serves us; that is no longer useful in our lives. The world turns inward now, and the cold air grows thick with dreams. Stories are shared as we gather together.
Try a Moon Salutation in the darkness of the evening. Set an intention at the start of each practice. Make a wish. Light a candle to honour yourself. Your practice can be transformative during this energetically charged this time of year!