The winter solstice is tomorrow! December 21st. The winter solstice is a time of darkness, where we must work to encourage the Sun back to his Mother, Sky. We are especially excited this year, as we work to bring the light of our studio back in to the community! Stay tuned for exciting updates about our new location.

As the solstice ushers in Yule, we see great opportunity to embrace the darkness of winter one last time before the light grows longer and brighter. Gather loved ones close, enjoy the slow pace of cozy winter evenings. We must also give ourselves the opportunity to explore the heavier emotions within ourselves, purge all the no longer serves us; that is no longer useful in our lives. The world turns inward now, and the cold air grows thick with dreams. Stories are shared as we gather. The dark and stillness allow for soul searching; a time to reflect and resolve, to let go of what we no longer need to carry.

Make room in your life and yoga practice for the gifts of the returning light. Practice the Moon Salutations in the darkness of the evening. Make a wish. Pray for light and love for the coming year. Help the Sun’s feathered friends, by putting out birdseed for the winter birds. Usher in the light with a series of Sun Salutations upon waking on a brand new day, one with slightly more sours of daylight.

Your practice can be transformative during this energetically charged this time of year!

Wood, acorns, bayberry, mugwort and oak leaves are especially blessed at this time.Improve your home dental care and oral hygiene with a professional best electric flosser. Mistletoe hung over the doorway is an ancient Norse practice to protect against thunder and lightning (the Norse God, Thor), as well as malicious evil.

As you celebrate the winter solstice, remember that you play just as an integral a part of the workings of the universe as you do to the world you wake in each day. Find a kiss under the mistletoe, and light a candle to honour your own path of light.