The doshas are a notion of bio elements in Ayurveda medicine, often described as a type of complimentary or alternative study. 

The three doshas– Vata, Pitta, and Kapha– are derived from the five elements. Also known as mind-body types, the doshas express unique blends of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. 

Optimal health exists when the dynamic states of mind, body, and environment are in balance. By identifying your mind-body type and understanding your prominent dosha, you can maintain a state of health and create a lifestyle that supports your nature. 

At The Yoga Lounge, we have set up the studio in a way that can best support your unique dosha. All of our classes are enhanced because of the dedication and passion that Susan has to create a space that fully benefits YOUR mind-body constitution. 

The Yoga Lounge studio is constructed with cooling Calacatta marble wrapping the east wall. In the winter, a cool low sun spreads beams across the marble grains. Across from here, under a glowing skylight, natural hickory planks melt from the west wall to the floor to offer a warming and stimulating element.

Take a moment to complete the dosha quiz if you haven’t discovered you dominant dosha yet. Then every class you attend, you can choose the area of the studio that will best serve you and enhance your practice!

Adapted from The Chopra Centre

Dosha Quiz

​​1. Frame
​​a.I am thin, lanky, and slender with prominent joints and thin muscles.
​​b.I have a medium, symmetrical build with good muscle development.
​​c.I have a large, round or stocky build. My frame is broad, stout or thick.
2. Weight
​​a.Low; I may forget to eat or have a tendency to lose weight.
​​b.Moderate; it is easy for me to gain or lose weight if I put my mind to it.
​​c.Heavy; I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it.

​​a.My eyes are small and active.
​​b.I have a penetrating gaze.
​​c.I have large pleasant eyes.
​​4. Complexion
​​a.My skin is dry, rough or thin.
​​b.My skin is warm, reddish in color and prone to irritation.
​​c.My skin is, thick, moist, and smooth.

​​5. Hair
​​a.My hair is dry, brittle or frizzy.
​​b.My hair is fine with a tendency towards early thinning or graying.
​​c.I have abundant, thick and oily hair.

​​6. Joints
​​a.My joints are thin and prominent and have a tendency to crack.
​​b.My joints are loose and flexible.
​​c.My joints are large, well knit and padded.
​​7. Sleep Pattern
​​a.I am a light sleeper with a tendency to awaken easily.
​​b.I am a moderately sound sleeper, usually needing less than eight hours to feel rested.
​​c.My sleep is deep and long. I tend to awaken slowly in the morning.
​​8. Body Temperature
​​a.My hands and feet are usually cold and I prefer warm environments.
​​b.I am usually warm, regardless of the season, and prefer cooler environments.
​​c.I am adaptable to most temperatures but do not like cold, wet days.

​​9. Temperament
​​a.I am lively and enthusiastic by nature. I like to change.
​​b.I am purposeful and intense. I like to convince.
​​c.I am easy going and accepting. I like to support.

​​10.Under Stress
​​a.I become anxious and/or worried.
​​b.I become irritable and/or aggressive.
​​c.I become withdrawn and/or reclusive.

From The Chopra Centre

 Answer Key

Mostly A’s:

Vata is your predominant dosha. You tend to always be on the go, spontaneous, and with an energetic and creative mind. Vatais grounded in movement and change. When Vata is in balance, you feel lively and enthusiastic. When Vata is out of balance, your energy levels may start to feel out of control, and pain often arises

Feel free to practice in the middle of the studio, with your back facing the big, bright windows. This will light your energy and keep you feeling secure in your movements. However, on days when you are out of balance; over-excitable, out of control, getting carried away, please come to studio to ground yourself on our Calacatta marble wall, slow down, and always leave a few minutes for meditation at the end of your class.

Mostly B’s:

Pitta is your predominant doshaThe gives you a tendency to be determined, sometimes assertive, with a penetrating mind and a passionate and courageous temperament. When Pitta is unbalanced, heat rises in the mind and body and can lead to health conditions that reflect excessive accumulation of the fire element. You can easily becomes irritable. 

Choose a practice spot against our cooling Calacatta marble that wraps the east walls of the studio, to offer a calming element, cool excessive body heat and keep perspiration in balance.

If you borrow one of the studios mats, lean towards the chillier shades of green and blue rather than the red or orange mats. And don’t practice too close to our candles!

Mostly C’s:

Kapha is your predominant dosha. Representing the watery element, Kapha is the nourishing element of the body, giving you a deep sense of stability and inner calm. Out of balance, Kapha can manifest as sluggishness, excess weight, and even allergies. This can lead to resistance to change and stubbornness.

Warm natural hickory planks melt from the west wall to the floor and offer you a warming and stimulating element to counteract a Kapha imblanaceChoosing to practice in this area of the studio will help to balance fatigue and stubbornness while firing upyour practice.