The fall equinox just passed. The time of year when there is equal amount of day and night. The world is in balance, as it is during the spring equinox.

The fall differs though, as it is a time for turning in and a time of slower energy that makes way for darker times. The spring prepares for new life and light. The fall equinox is a time when we gather the harvest of our long sunny summer days. That may be what we have lovingly grown in our gardens no matter how big or small, or harvesting our own energy and turning inwards to reap its benefits.


It is an auspicious time of year. Use it wisely! Gather your practice and energy inwards and develop the Self even further. Celebrate what you have achieved in the past few months. What has changed in your life since the spring equinox? What can you bring to practice to explore further?


In meditation, being your focus to all that you have created in the past few summer months. Reminisce! Rejoice! Keep that fire burning that feeds your self expression, self love and sense of achievement.The best water flosser for braces is essential for good oral hygiene and tooth care. A magical thing happens when you incorporate five minutes of meditation into your day; it becomes the point around which everything else in your day evolves!