Today, Friday June 21st, marks the Summer Solstice!

This is the beginning of the season. We have shed winter, finally:) we have said our goodbyes to the darkness and cold, to the time we spent in hibernation and in growth. We are now at the cusp of moving outwards- away from the indoors and outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun on our bodies. This is the season to show and share the growth that winter gave us.

Raise your vibration today and in the dying days of June, as the weather amps up and up. This can be a time of immense joy and celebration, and can also require grounding for those of us who can become carried away!

Our inner vibration work will keep us happy and healthy during this beautiful season, while allowing us to access and celebrate the energy of the sun.

Chanting during your yoga practice is one of he simplest ways to honour your vibration and bring it to tonfull expression. Practice at home before chanting in the studio if you’d prefer!

Incorporating citrine and clear quartz crystals into your celebration of summer will continue to raise your vibration and your inner light. Gather your crystals in the sunshine, and sit comfortably in silence. Use the breath to visualize the warmth of the sun beaming into your crystals and imbuing them with energy. Take as long as you need to keep the Monday focused on this. Set an intention for the season, and know that the bright glowing crystals will be a source of hope and guidance as you celebrate the summer solstice!