Today, June 21st, is the summer solstice! This marks the very beginning of summer- the first day of many long beautiful days under the summer sun.

Today we have the longest day- the polar opposite to our last post about the shortest day of the year (the winter solstice). We have sunshine for miles, and blessings alongside.

Gather some of today’s offerings to help you recharge and renew. Harness some of the energy; hang your laundry to dry in the hot sun. Enjoy a long lazy evening watching the Sun cradled in his mother, Sky. Harvest some of the first garden offerings this beautiful weather provides- native flowers are in full bloom to enjoy. Lavender is pungent in the air and excellent for tucking under your pillow. Mint is spreading in gardens and parks- it does wonders when tossed into a bucket of water to soothe your feet in!

In the studio, we have a wonderful lineup of classes to take you into this solstice weekend. Bring a friend, share the bliss of long bright evenings and a centering practice!