The benefits of heat for our bodies and souls: a good schvitz can do wonders! A sauna, a steam room, a good sweat session all work to eradicate toxins from the body. In my own family’s culture, it is known as a pirts, and has been used for eons for many practical as well as magical reasons.

Heat brings increased blood flow to the body, increasing our natural glow and encouraging proper circulation while diminishing stagnancy. Increased circulation may help to reduce muscle pain and improve joint movement.

The heat can also help even the most stressed out person to relax, and begin to breathe a little deeper. As you begin to journey inwards, much soul searching can occur in the confines of a warm and safe sauna.

Here at The Yoga Lounge, we encourage a good sweat session! Keep watch here for updates about our Hot Yoga classes coming soon, or try a schvitz at one of these local gems:

Laya Spa on Queen st. has an eucalyptus steam room that can be booked independently of other treatments
YMCAs across Toronto have saunas and steam rooms (you can Try the Y for a small fee, or use a monthly membership)
Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt has an amazing steam room and sauna that you have access to with the purchase of a treatment
Body Blitz has a huge selection of water therapies