Breathe. Bellies. Babies!

‘I am born connected.
I am born remembering rivers flowing from my mothers body into my body’.



Carrying life is one of the greatest ways to become both grounded and connected with the spiritual realm all at the same time. This is just the beginning of your awakening as a new woman- a mother who often feels the pull from polar opposites, and who has the new-found capacity to manage these duelling energies with grace. Pregnancy draws us inwards, allowing us to be more aware of our inner rhythms and also urges us to connect with Spirit and Self in a way that is brand new and exhilarating.

Establishing a prenatal yoga practice during this time is our saving grace! Prenatal yoga creates a space to develop greater vitality and awareness of your beautiful and changing body. Regular practice enhances the feeling of connection with the earth, Mother Nature, your Self, and other fellow mamas.

Asanas, breath work, and guided meditation help to cultivate flexibility, calmness, and confidence in birthing.

A regular prenatal yoga practice will provide tools you can use to reduce pain in labour and enhance the joy of giving birth.

Our studio offers many classes that are available for expectant mums-to-be. Our Thursday afternoon Gentle Yoga class is taught by Catherine, who is expecting her third little bundle! This class uses many comfy props to offer poses and guidance that specifically benefits pregnancy.
Glowing candles light the room as Catherine guides the class gently into deep calmness with yoga poses (asanas) to stretch sore muscles and ease birthing anxiety. In this class, there are no worries, no competition, just longer, limber bodies and relaxed, prepared minds. Simply follow Catherine’s story as she leads you into a place of bliss, allowing the mind, body and spirit to prepare for the greatest adventure- birth!
Our class finishes with a juicy rest pose, savasana. This calming asana brings a final stillness before your day continues outside of the bliss of our studio. Savasana in Catherine’s gentle yoga class is a full and complete experience; you are soothingly guided through a simple relaxation and meditation exercise while your growing baby is supported with props. This class will enhance that new mama glow!
Gentle Yoga: Thursdays 1:05-2pm