1. Know thyself. To set your goals, dig deep to find what you are passionate about. Your goals are your own! They must have meaning for YOU:
-identify your core values
-what difference do you want to make in your day? Month? Year?
-what steps can you set up today to help you get where you want to be in 5 years?

2. Balance your goals:
-set small, achievable goals in all areas of your life
-health, work, personal

3. Use the SMART guidelines. Goals should be:
-specific- be clear about your goals
-measurable- otherwise, it’s difficult to achieve!
-attainable-set a few small goals to lead to a larger one. And congratulate yourself at each step!
-realistic- ensure the goal is feasible with your current life stage
-timely- set dates to check off completion of each goal

Nexr week is the third and final post of the mindfulness series. We hope you are enjoying!