The longest day of the year! The summer solstice is a special celebration, of love and peace, happiness and light. It is the day that we have the most light in our lives of the whole year.

In our community, we recognize this beautiful day with friends and family. Eating a meal outside in the sunshine, and sharing herbs and flowers; the early growers in our gardens. Stay up late! Soak up as much sunshine as you can store in your soul!

I would like to share some beautiful thoughts from my local spa, Laya, with you:

The thoughts we think have a physical impact on how our bodies function. Spiritualists believe that these thoughts emit energy, that change our aura and produce outcomes that are desirable or undesirable.We are a projection of our internal dialogue. Everything we believe about ourselves we become. Not everything that is perceived is real. How can we change the way we think, the stories we believe, and how strongly our egos are involved in the decisions we make?

What happens when you dig deep into your spirit, and suddenly you realize that you’re in search of something stronger, deeper, a force within you that has yet to fully awake? We all have the potential to cleanse, to explore to elevate and maybe just let go of small pieces of our past and parts of our personality, patterns or thought processes that slow us from fully evolving into our most desired self.

It isn’t news that when we are overcome with stress, our immediate response is to feel negative. The truth is that stress will never go away, change will always happen and life will always challenge you. Take the opportunity to change your thought pattern and look at every experience as a chance to learn and grow. Balance the effects of stressful situations by turning to LOVE, channel positive energy.

We cannot change what happens in our external environment but we can change how we perceive and react to situations and control what happens inside us.

As we welcome the light of the summer solstice, soften. Be creative, make your words impeccable. Go on an adventure, into your core – what life patterns are creating your thought process?

Embrace and then release the past, However long that journey may take you, for it is gone from your domain.
The future is beyond your reach and was never meant to be controlled by humans.
Stay in the present, live supremely well right now!
This is the way of the wise.

Negative thoughts have a physical and emotional effect on the body and brain. These thoughts release chemicals that make you feel bad – clammy hands, shallow breath, low heart rate variability.

They slow your body’s ability to function efficiently.

Happiness Robbers

Distorted Thinking
Guild Beating
Visualizing Failure


Happiness Boosters

Accurate Thinking
Honesty & Flexibility
Positive Focus
Visualizing Happiness

I hope you enjoy the solstice! Dig deep, yogis. Reflect on times past and gather the energy from the earth to get us through shorter days ahead. Blessings.