Ananda Restorative Yoga


Ananda is Sanskrit for Bliss- a perfect name for this class! Our new Ananda Restorative classes melt stress and anxiety with soft candlelight, calming music, balancing aromatherapy, and a warming chai tea. This is a

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winter drink


As we move into the colder months, we are making large batches of this winter drink! Assists with the symptoms associated with colds and the flu, but also beneficial for sore throats and even fevers.

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self care (recipes inside!)


  The body is a mind reader. When the mind is unclear with stress, fatigue, worry, anxiety, and fear, the body will put these feelings on display with an uneasy stomach, dull skin, weight issues,

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Summer Solstice!


Today, June 21st, is the summer solstice! This marks the very beginning of summer- the first day of many long beautiful days under the summer sun. Today we have the longest day- the polar opposite

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The Winter Solstice


The winter solstice is tomorrow! December 21st. The winter solstice is a time of darkness, where we must work to encourage the Sun back to his Mother, Sky. We are especially excited this year, as we

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The Fall Equinox


The fall equinox just passed. The time of year when there is equal amount of day and night. The world is in balance, as it is during the spring equinox. The fall differs though, as

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Vanlife Yoga


Yoga on the Road I miss you, fellow yogis! I have been travelling through the US, doing a little teaching and a little camping, and I miss the studio and TYL community! Keeping up a

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Celebrating the summer solstice


The longest day of the year! The summer solstice is a special celebration, of love and peace, happiness and light. It is the day that we have the most light in our lives of the

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Mindfulness part three: Secrets to Keeping Your Mind Happy


This is our final blog for the three part mindfulness series! Here are five quick tips to keep your mindful meditation practice on point 1. Watch your mind for 5 minutes. Just breathe and allow

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Mindfulness part two: Goal Setting


1. Know thyself. To set your goals, dig deep to find what you are passionate about. Your goals are your own! They must have meaning for YOU: -identify your core values -what difference do you

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