self care (recipes inside!)

  The body is a mind reader. When the mind is unclear with stress, fatigue, worry, anxiety, and fear, the body will put these feelings on display with an uneasy stomach, dull skin, weight issues, breakouts, and body aches (often in the low back and shoulders). As yogis, we often put emphasis on the care of our planet and our community first. Before caring for ourselves, even! Self care is of utmost importance for optimal health. One simple way to ensure self care is to reduce the requirements of a full spa day or complete day of silence and

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Summer Solstice!

Today, June 21st, is the summer solstice! This marks the very beginning of summer- the first day of many long beautiful days under the summer sun. Today we have the longest day- the polar opposite to our last post about the shortest day of the year (the winter solstice). We have sunshine for miles, and blessings alongside. Gather some of today's offerings to help you recharge and renew. Harness some of the energy; hang your laundry to dry in the hot sun. Enjoy a long lazy evening watching the Sun cradled in his mother, Sky. Harvest some of the

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The Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is tomorrow! December 21st. The winter solstice is a time of darkness, where we must work to encourage the Sun back to his Mother, Sky. We are especially excited this year, as we work to bring the light of our studio back in to the community! Stay tuned for exciting updates about our new location. As the solstice ushers in Yule, we see great opportunity to embrace the darkness of winter one last time before the light grows longer and brighter. Gather loved ones close, enjoy the slow pace of cozy winter evenings. We must also give

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The Fall Equinox

The fall equinox just passed. The time of year when there is equal amount of day and night. The world is in balance, as it is during the spring equinox. The fall differs though, as it is a time for turning in and a time of slower energy that makes way for darker times. The spring prepares for new life and light. The fall equinox is a time when we gather the harvest of our long sunny summer days. That may be what we have lovingly grown in our gardens no matter how big or small, or harvesting our

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Vanlife Yoga

Yoga on the Road I miss you, fellow yogis! I have been travelling through the US, doing a little teaching and a little camping, and I miss the studio and TYL community! Keeping up a yoga practice while travelling doesn't have to be difficult, but somehow our personal practice often takes the back burner while away from home. I've learned a few tricks to maintaining your routine while away from your usual practice spot: 1. Ground yourself. Wherever you are, take a few moments each day to connect with Mother Earth and with your Self 2. Leave room for

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Celebrating the summer solstice

The longest day of the year! The summer solstice is a special celebration, of love and peace, happiness and light. It is the day that we have the most light in our lives of the whole year. In our community, we recognize this beautiful day with friends and family. Eating a meal outside in the sunshine, and sharing herbs and flowers; the early growers in our gardens. Stay up late! Soak up as much sunshine as you can store in your soul! I would like to share some beautiful thoughts from my local spa, Laya, with you: The thoughts

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Mindfulness part three: Secrets to Keeping Your Mind Happy

This is our final blog for the three part mindfulness series! Here are five quick tips to keep your mindful meditation practice on point 1. Watch your mind for 5 minutes. Just breathe and allow thoughts to arise. 2. You are not your thoughts. Acknowledge your thoughts, but know they do not own you. 3. Label your thoughts and feelings. Give them a place in your brain and your day. 4. Don't just react to thoughts. Decide what you can do to help yourself 5. Be compassionate. With yourself and others!

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Mindfulness part two: Goal Setting

1. Know thyself. To set your goals, dig deep to find what you are passionate about. Your goals are your own! They must have meaning for YOU: -identify your core values -what difference do you want to make in your day? Month? Year? -what steps can you set up today to help you get where you want to be in 5 years? 2. Balance your goals: -set small, achievable goals in all areas of your life -health, work, personal 3. Use the SMART guidelines. Goals should be: -specific- be clear about your goals -measurable- otherwise, it's difficult to achieve!

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Mind-full Meditation part 1

Do you worry? Do your problems feel like they are taking over your life at times? In the short term, worrying makes the brain feel good- at least you're doing something about your problems! But long term worry results in stress which can wreak havoc on our body and mind. Incorporating mediation into your yoga practice can work to eradicate your worries In a quiet moment, try asking yourself 'what am I grateful for?' Even just searching through the positive aspects in your life for gratitude boosts the neurotransmitter dopamine, in a similar way to antidepressants. Then, label any

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